Math Garden

The first product of Oefenweb was a progress-monitoring system for arithmetic skills: Math Garden ( In Math Garden, each math operation is represented by a different game plant that grows as math ability improves. Children must maintain their garden, because if they do not play in it regularly, the plants will wither. In this way, Math Garden stimulates users to practice on a weekly basis. The Dutch version of Math Garden (Rekentuin) has won several prizes and is currently being used by more than 10% of primary schools in the Netherlands. More than 500,000 math problems are solved every day.

Language Sea

Language Sea is a learning environment for Dutch language skills. Children have to nurture the animals in the sea by playing language games. The application contains over 20,000 assignments from 15 different language skills, such as, spelling, reading, vocabulary, and parsing. Oefenweb is also developing a learning environment for English.


Words&Birds is launched in January 2015. Words&Birds arised from a collaboration between EarlyBird and Oefenweb. The thousands of assignments are developed by Earlybirds language experts.

Stats Plant

Find statistics difficult and boring? Not with Stats plant, the learning environment for statistics. In this web application, all students can practice statistics at their own level. Detailed progress reports are presented to both students and teachers. Based on these reports, students receive suggestions for useful videos from the Khan Academy. The item bank was developed by statistics teachers from the University of Amsterdam, University of Utrecht, and the University of Twente. The Dutch version of Stats plant was launched in september 2013. The English version will follow shortly.

Typeopleiding Succes

Oefenweb has developed an online learning environment for the touch typing courses of the company Typeopleiding Succes.


Oefenweb has developed an online learning environment for the module Nursing Calculations of the company Cito.